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FLEXVIT bands in sports

The versatile FLEXVIT bands open up numerous possible applications in sports. From preventing injuries to achieving top performance, FLEXVIT bands can be used in almost all sports.

No matter whether you play football, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, golf or another sport - training with FLEXVIT bands ensures more strength, stability, mobility and explosiveness. Professionals and amateurs alike use FLEXVIT bands to specifically activate muscles before training, to warm up before competition and in additional athletic and technical training.

World champions and Champions League winners

Used in top sport

When it comes to professional use, with FLEXVIT you rely on the same bands used by the most successful teams and athletes around the world. From world champions to Champions League winners to Olympic champions, the best of the best trust FLEXVIT. The unique quality and wide range of applications have proven themselves at the highest level and offer you the opportunity to achieve maximum performance with professional training.

Get better at every sport

Train where your competition takes place

That's what our customers & partners say

Since I got to know the FLEXVIT bands, they have become an integral part of my training and are therefore used every day with my team. The positive aspects of these bands are simply that they do not curl up on the body, do not “pinch” the skin and also hold the position in the same place as appropriate during stress.

Klaus Luisser, athletic trainer (formerly) Eintracht Frankfurt

All the way up

FLEXVIT in amateur sports

No matter whether you are an amateur team, a recreational athlete or an ambitious individual athlete - FLEXVIT bands offer you the opportunity to improve in your sport. They are not only appreciated by professionals, but are also affordable for amateur clubs and hobby athletes. Thanks to its compact size, you can take it anywhere and do your workouts at home, in the gym or even on the go.

The versatility of the bands allows you to perform different exercises and work on your individual training goals. Improve your strength, endurance, agility or coordination and become more explosive and robust. Give your training the priority it deserves and use the advantages of FLEXVIT bands to achieve your sporting goals.

Made in Germany

Our products are manufactured in Germany using the latest technology and in compliance with the highest quality standards. Regular tests and controls guarantee the longevity of our products.


FLEXVIT bands can be washed at up to 60°C and therefore leave no doubts when it comes to hygiene. They are ideal for use in the clinic and wherever several users are to use the same tapes.

Eco and hygiene certification

All FLEXVIT bands are manufactured under high quality standards and have been awarded an eco-certificate (OEKO-TEX®) and hygiene certificate (BAV Institute).

Friendly for allergy sufferers

Thanks to the special textile material, there is no skin contact with the rubber during training. FLEXVIT bands are therefore also suitable for people with a latex allergy.

Get better at every sport

Functional Band Training


Improve your performance with soccer-specific exercises and functional movement training. Combine technique training with strength and coordination and use the FLEXVIT bands for warm-up and activation before games and training. Organize team and individual training directly on the football field.


Quick changes of direction, strong smashes and high jumps - you can train all of this with FLEXVIT bands, both in individual and team-based training on the field - with a ball. You can also specifically improve the power transfer from the lower to the upper body and increase knee, ankle and core stability.

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