Our FLEXVIT bands

Care instructions

How to wash your FLEXVIT bands

FLEXVIT bands can be washed if necessary (up to 60 degrees Celsius / 140 degrees Fahrenheit), preferably with similar colors and with conventional detergents or soap. Please do not use fabric softener, chlorides or alcohol when cleaning! To dry, the bands should be hung loosely (i.e. not rolled) and left to air. Please do not dry on the heater or in the dryer!

Risk of overstretching

Our Bands should not be overstretched, i.e. the stretch should not be extended to the complete end point. If the resistance seems too low, which is often the cause of overstretching, we recommend switching to the next higher resistance level.

Risk of dehydration

To prevent the natural rubber in the bandsfrom drying out and rendering the bandsunusable, the bandsshould notbe exposedtoo longto high heat or direct sun.

Chemical risk

After use in chlorinated water (e.g. in aqua fitness), the bands should be rinsed in tap water and air dried.

Disinfection of the training bands

For the desired or required disinfection of the belts and equipment, we recommend Provilan ( https://de.provilan.shop/DENAA-FRESH ) because, like us, they prioritize health and sustainability.

Provilan offers a microbiological cleaning concept that is unique in Europe for a healthier environment. Probiotic microorganisms are the secret of the products. They replace the classic chemical active ingredients and renaturate the natural microbiological balance on surfaces, in tissues, on the skin and in water.

The RefresherBoxx ( https://www.refresherboxx.com ) offers a very innovative solution for fitness studios, practices and similar facilities.

The RefresherBoxx eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi. As a refreshment and hygiene device, it helps various areas to be more hygienic and clean. The RefresherBoxx has been tested in different situations and with a variety of pathogens and is just as effective against the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)!

Made in Germany

FLEXVIT is not only based in Germany, but the bands are also produced here under local standards.

Available worldwide

Our bands go from Germany all over the world and are now being used intensively by satisfied customers in more than 30 countries.

Special material

The material is of the highest quality and is manufactured on machines that are designed for robust and durable products.

OEKO-TEX certified

Only materials that meet internationally recognized environmental standards are used in production.

Developed by experts

FLEXVIT bands are developed by people who have practiced competitive sports themselves and tested by experts.

Knowledge for application

FLEXVIT not only supplies the bestbands, but also the knowledge behind how to best use them.

Available everywhere

This knowledge is easy, understandable and made available to users in various ways.