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Online Course - Functional Band Training for Golfers

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- Improve your golf game through golf-specific athletic training
- More stability and mobility for better injury prevention
- Tailor-made exercises that have proven themselves in practice
- Better swing movement and more body control for further and more accurate shots


Athletic training in golf with resistance bands

Why is athleticism particularly important in golf? This sport in particular is all about a one-sided swing movement, which can quickly lead to muscular imbalances and thus pain in the long term - if it is not counteracted.

Golf-specific athletic training with resistance bands offers an optimal opportunity to not only prevent injuries, but also to increase overall performance on the green by training the mobility and strength of all areas of the body.

In this course you will learn how to use FLEXVIT bands to train rotation and mobility, optimize coupling ability, increase power and explosiveness when hitting, and improve golf athleticism to prevent injuries.

The most important things at a glance:

  • Flexible learning from anywhere, according to your own schedule
  • Improving golf-specific athleticism with guided exercises
  • Receive a warm-up program and two exemplary full training days
  • Longer shots, greater precision and better injury prevention

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The FLEXVIT golf athletics online course

Start your course now & improve your golf game

✔ Flexible learning from anywhere, according to your own schedule

✔ Improve golf-specific athleticism with guided exercises

✔ Receive a warm-up program and two exemplary full training days

✔ Longer shots, greater precision and better injury prevention

What you can expect

The FLEXVIT golf athletics online course


Effective training

Our FLEXVIT golf course offers you effective training that is specifically tailored to the needs of golfers. Through targeted exercises and the use of FLEXVIT bands, physical performance and the golf swing can be improved.

Train like professionals

Functional Band Training for golfers

As in many other sports, it has become clear in golf that a successful player also has to train away from the green. Athletic training has an extremely positive effect on physical and mental performance, which is why it already has a permanent place in the training plan of professional golf. But you don't have to play big tours to train holistically for your golf game.

In our online course you will receive two full days of training with selected exercises from our coach Norman Marcus. Norman is a movement scientist, trained TRX and functional trainer and personal trainer. As an athletic trainer, he looks after top athletes with the clubs at the renowned Hamburg golf club on Falkensteiner Ufer.

The course is aimed at athletes, trainers and therapists - FLEXVIT Functional Band Training®️ in golf can bring the decisive advantage. Train directly on the court or at home, whenever and wherever you want. In our course, learn to integrate the bands into golf-specific movement sequences and train strength, mobility and coordination.

functional band training app

Make the FLEXVIT App your trainer tool

Even after a training course, we won't leave you alone. In our free FLEXVIT app you will find lots of (additional) exercises and information.

We will keep you up to date with news about FLEXVIT and Functional Band Training. You can exchange ideas with us and our global community. And the best thing for you as a trainer or therapist: you can create your own workouts that you can send to your athletes, patients or customers with one click. This makes the app an effective coaching tool.

That's what our customers & partners say

Frank S.

First of all, I have to give you huge praise. As promised, the content of the training is really extensive. I think the concept of Daily 7 is great, and as usual, Patrick explains it perfectly and superbly. I also think the progressions and regressions shown are great. In short, I'm glad to have done this really unique training with you and I'm looking forward to new content from your company.

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