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Flexibility and quality for your training

With FLEXVIT bands, hobby athletes, ambitious amateurs and professional athletes can train regardless of location. Our resistance bands are also used worldwide by personal trainers and physiotherapists, as well as by sports clubs and rehabilitation clinics. All FLEXVIT bands are made in Germany and, thanks to the special material, are robust, almost tear-resistant and can be washed at 60°C.

Visionary & competent

FLEXVIT - Thinking bands seriously

Sophisticated and durable
The special FLEXVIT material

Thanks to the unique material, all FLEXVIT bands have an optimal stretching capacity. And feel incomparably good against the skin during training. In addition, they are robust and durable. All our resistance bands are manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards and completely free of sheep substances. FLEXVIT bands meet the OEKO-TEX®️ standard - with FLEXVIT we provide you with the best quality for your workout!

Different & Versatile

The FLEXVIT band range

FLEXVIT bands enable training in all areas of movement and for every performance level. The possible uses are only limited by your own creativity. Regardless of whether you want to learn basic movement patterns or refine complex, sport-specific exercises. We definitely have the right band for you.


Flexibility and quality for your training

Made in Germany

The special FLEXVIT material

High-quality and hard-wearing: The special FLEXVIT material was developed to meet your requirements. Our resistance bands offer optimal stretchability and an incomparably pleasant feeling on the skin during training. They are not only robust, but also durable, so that they can withstand even the most intensive loads.

All FLEXVIT bands are manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards and are completely free of harmful substances. In addition, they meet the OEKO-TEX®️ standard, so you can be sure that you are only getting the best quality for your training. With the FLEXVIT bands you are investing in durable and reliable training equipment that will bring you long-term joy and effective results.

Made in Germany

Our products are manufactured in Germany using the latest technology and in compliance with the highest quality standards. Regular tests and controls guarantee the longevity of our products.


FLEXVIT bands can be washed at up to 60°C and therefore leave no doubts when it comes to hygiene. They are ideal for use in the clinic and wherever several people are to use the same bands.

Eco and hygiene certification

All FLEXVIT bands are manufactured under high quality standards and have been awarded an eco-certificate (OEKO-TEX®) and hygiene certificate (BAV Institution)

Allergy friendly

Thanks to the special textile material, there is no skin contact with the rubber during training. FLEXVIT bands are therefore also suitable for people with a latex allergy.

The special thing about FLEXVIT

This is what makes our training bands so unique

German precision: Unique design, development and production

From the first draft to the final production, all FLEXVIT bands are developed and manufactured in Germany. All of it, in close cooperation with trainers, therapists and athletes. As a result, we create products tailored to the real-world challenges of training and performance optimization.

Users who trust in FLEXVIT

The whole world of resistance bands - reimagined classics and innovative new developments

The FLEXVIT product world

FLEXVIT bands are used by a wide variety of people. The areas of application vary greatly - for example, different bands are needed by a therapist in rehab after an injury than by a personal trainer in fitness training. And the neuroathletics trainer may want to work more specifically with his professional athlete on movement sequences and technique, for which he in turn needs other ligaments. That's why our product world includes such a wide and deep range in which every band has its application.

core range

The first FLEXVIT bands

It all started with the Mini, the Multi and the Resist - the Revolve soon followed. Today, these four bands are part of the basic equipment for coaches and teams that work with band training.

Mini | Multi | Resist | Revolve

Special purpose

Specialization & fine-tuning

These extraordinary product developments show that you can not only work with FLEXVIT bands in general, but also very specifically and precisely.

PATband | ToeBands

Youth Collection

The first bands especially for young athletes

Resistance, stretch and size are adapted to the physical requirements of young athletes in the Youth Collection.

MinY | MultY


Train everywhere and in a variety of ways

With selected accessories, we expand the possibilities with every FLEXVIT band. A clever addition for therapy and training, indoors and outdoors.

Multi Anchor | Door Anchor | Wooden Handles | Slide | PATmat | PATriggers