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Become an expert in Functional Band Training and successfully integrate training with bands into your work.

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Do you want to improve your training or become a better coach? Then our FLEXVIT training courses are just right for you! In our courses we teach you the basics of functional training, show you how to use FLEXVIT bands easily and effectively in training and how you can use them to increase your movement skills.

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FLEXVIT Education Courses

Further education for athletes, coaches and therapists

Discover training with resistance bands and bring it to perfection

Take the next step in your fitness career now and become an expert in Functional Band Training with the FLEXVIT education courses. Our courses not only provide you with the necessary knowledge, but also practical applications to successfully integrate training with bands into your work. Learn the basics of functional training and the various possible uses of the FLEXVIT bands. With our courses you can increase your movement skills and train your customers even more specifically and effectively. Become part of the FLEXVIT community and get access to exclusive know-how so that you can fully exploit your potential.


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