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Get everything you need for your training and everyday life - with our FLEXVIT sets.

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Whether you're a beginner, ambitious athlete or professional. Whether your work as a personal trainer, therapist or athletic trainer. With our especially selected FLEXVIT sets, you are well equipped to get the full potential out of your practice and sport. In team sports, rely on our FLEXVIT team sets and ensure better injury prevention in a game-oriented and dynamic way. Increase the performance of your team in a playful way.

Our sets for your training

FLEXVIT bands in practical sets

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Save €18,00
Athlete Set
Sale priceFrom €89,00 Regular price€107,00
Save €26,60
#option_set - einsteiger#option_set - einsteiger
Starter Set
Sale price€69,00 Regular price€95,60
Save €112,90
Trainer Set
Sale price€399,00 Regular price€511,90
Save €22,20
Sale price€99,00 Regular price€121,20
Save €132,40
Volleyball Set
Sale price€499,00 Regular price€631,40
Save €130,40
Basketball Set
Sale price€499,00 Regular price€629,40
Save €145,80
Handball Set
Sale price€499,00 Regular price€644,80
Save €171,00
Football Set
Sale price€699,00 Regular price€870,00
Save €23,40
Golf Set
Sale price€89,00 Regular price€112,40
Save €29,40
neuroathletik-set-flexvitNeuroathletics set
Neuroathletics set
Sale price€169,00 Regular price€198,40

FLEXVIT sets & bundles

Optimally put together for your training

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With our FLEXVIT sets, you get everything you need for your sport and everyday life. Our especially selected sets are equally suitable for beginners, ambitious athletes and professionals. Whether you are a personal trainer, therapist or athletic trainer, our sets offer you the full potential for your training and sport. We have developed special FLEXVIT team sets for teams, which enable game-related and dynamic injury prevention and playfully increase the performance of your team. Get our FLEXVIT sets now and benefit from our years of experience in the fitness and sports sector.


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