Athletic training for basketball players

Higher jumps, faster changes of direction and fewer injuries

Basketball is an incredibly fast and coordination-demanding sport. Athletics therefore plays a fundamental role in achieving top performance on the pitch. Through functional training with resistance bands, you as a trainer can take your team's performance to a new level. With the FLEXVIT Basketball Set you can train your team optimally and variably. In this way, you ensure that your players can get through the season injury-free and easily improve their strength, agility and speed.

Training with elastic fitness bands requires coordination and stabilization with every movement. This makes it an optimal addition to basketball training, which is why FLEXVIT bands are already used in athletic training by many basketball Bundesliga teams (including Berlin, Würzburg, Frankfurt, Gießen, Göttingen, Vechta). They are an integral part of the coaching training at the Baden-Württemberg Basketball Association.


Train with the team

Improve your basketball training with FLEXVIT bands

As a basketball coach, you know how important athleticism and injury prevention are to your team's performance. With FLEXVIT bands you can design your training individually and prepare your players optimally for the demands of the game. The bands offer a versatile and effective workout to improve mobility, stability and bounce and prevent injuries.

Wash away the boundaries

All FLEXVIT bands can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60° Celsius.

Reach the next level

FLEXVIT bands are used and valued in training by numerous successful professional teams and top athletes.

Maximize efficiency

FLEXVIT bands enable effective and time-saving training to improve performance in a short time.

Train anywhere

FLEXVIT bands fit in every pocket and can be taken anywhere - for training anywhere.


Reach new heights in basketball and dominate the game!

Basic fitness as well as explosiveness and agility are basic requirements for success in today's basketball sport. As a tool for endurance, strength, speed, flexibility and coordination, the FLEXVIT bands are an important addition to our everyday training routine.

Christoffer Mörbe, managing director of the BBW

Your basketball training with FLEXVIT

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Small but nice - that's what our FLEXVIT Mini bands are like. They strengthen your leg and hip muscles and can be integrated into stability exercises that activate your entire body. Strong muscles prevent injuries and give you the power you need for jumps and sprints. Our basketball set contains twelve FLEXVIT Minis in two strengths.

Athletic training for basketball players

Get more out of your athletic training with FLEXVIT bands

✔ Optimization of basketball-specific movement sequences through better control

✔ Improvement in all athletic performance components such as strength, endurance, flexibility, stability and coordination

✔ More speed and explosiveness

✔ Greater ability to react and act faster

✔ Eliminate muscular imbalances and increase resilience for optimal injury prevention

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With our free app you get over 400 exercises with FLEXVIT bands. Ready-made workouts are regularly available to you for immediate training. You can also create your own workouts and exercises and share them with your community. With the training diary you can make progress visible. Tips, news and background information make the app a daily companion.