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We are convinced that you can achieve more in a team than alone. Since the development of our first FLEXVIT bands, we have relied on intensive collaboration with partners, trainers, athletes and institutions. Today we maintain a large number of long-term partnerships - whether for the joint development of new products, to support amateur and professional athletes, or to develop training and education concepts together.


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We are team players and firmly believe that collaboration and teamwork are crucial success factors. That's why we strive for long-term partnerships. We believe that each side should benefit equally from such a relationship.

We provide our extensive expertise in the area of ​​Functional Band Training while we get to know new training methods and areas of application for our bands.


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Smart combinations

With FLEXVIT bands alone, a variety of exercises and holistic training can be carried out. But in combination with other training tools, even more possible applications open up.

Exercises can be refined and adapted, new training effects achieved and movements expanded. Collaborations with other companies open up a world of possibilities.

Development research

Our unique production technology allows us to produce the highest quality elastic fitness bands on the market. At the same time, we are able to quickly develop prototypes, new products and product variants. This allows us to create product innovations together with our partners.

Functional training

FLEXVIT bands enable multidimensional and multivector training - they are the perfect training tools for functional training. With our great expertise in this area, we offer our customers and partners extensive knowledge about how to use FLEXVIT bands for various applications, from preventing sports injuries to improving performance.

Long-term partners

We believe that collaboration and teamwork are important drivers of our success. That's why we strive for long-term partnerships and believe that both sides should benefit equally from this relationship. We are always open to discussions and to anyone who wants to work with us or partner with us.


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