Train movements effectively

That's why FLEXVIT bands are the optimal training tool for children and young people

Children and young people need exercise and sport in order to develop healthily and promote their physical fitness. With Functional Training and FLEXVIT bands, training becomes child's play! Our durable bands offer numerous exercise options that are specifically tailored to the needs of children and young people.

FLEXVIT bands offer several advantages compared to conventional training devices such as weights. Among other things, they are very safe and gentle on the joints, as the training takes place without hard weights and with controlled movement. This minimizes the risk of overload and injuries.


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Age-appropriate training with bands

Young people can train more successfully thanks to FLEXVIT bands

Do you want to improve the performance of your youth team or your young athletes? These FLEXVIT bands were specially developed for children and young people and enable age-appropriate strength and athletic training. The bands can be used to improve movement sequences and body control without the risk of overloading.

Wash away the boundaries

All FLEXVIT belts can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60° Celsius.

Reach the next level

FLEXVIT bands are used and valued in training by numerous successful professional teams and top athletes.

Maximize efficiency

FLEXVIT bands enable effective and time-saving training to improve performance in a short time.

Train anywhere

FLEXVIT bands fit in every pocket and can be taken anywhere - for training anywhere.


Train in an age-appropriate and joint-friendly way

As a youth coach, I always wanted to ensure that my young athletes were optimally prepared for adult sports without overtaxing them. With the FLEXVIT youth bands I have finally found the perfect tool for this.

Elena P.

Developed specifically for young athletes

Our bands for young people


The FLEXVIT MinY was developed specifically for young people and takes their needs and requirements into account. It is light, flexible and adaptable to optimally support and benefit the body. With different resistance levels, it is suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. As a youth trainer, you can use the FLEXVIT MinY to make the training of your protégés varied and effective and to promote their performance.

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Training with many advantages

Professional athletic training with children and young people

✔ Promote safe and age-appropriate training for young athletes

✔ Development of functional movement patterns for better coordination and agility

✔ Preventing injuries by strengthening muscles and joints

✔ Versatility and adaptability for different fitness levels and progressions

✔ Fun and motivation for long-term training participation

✔ Improve athletic performance in various sports

✔ Body awareness and control for better movement coordination

✔ Increase stability, balance and body control

Find exercises now

Start training immediately with the FLEXVIT app

With our free app you get over 400 exercises with FLEXVIT bands. Ready-made workouts are regularly available to you for immediate training. You can also create your own workouts and exercises and share them with your community. With the training diary you can make progress visible. Tips, news and background information make the app a daily companion.