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- Especially for children & teenagers
- Enables age-appropriate training
- Helps to develop basic & sport-specific performance requirements

Option:Single - mega (pumpkin)

The MinY for the little ones - our FLEXVIT MinY

The MinY, specially developed for children and young people, is adapted to the physical requirements of young athletes in terms of elasticity and size and enables age-appropriate and effective training of physical basics.

The three different strengths enable young athletes to gradually get used to the stresses of competitive sports. They are optimally used for injury prevention and posture training in schools, clubs and at home.

Physiotherapists and rehabilitation trainers can also successfully carry out the usual corrective exercises with children and young people.

The most important things at glance:

  • Avoiding the risk of injury by reducing muscular imbalances
  • Introduction to general resistance training without weights
  • Improving trunk, knee, hip and ankle stability

Made in Germany

Our products are manufactured in Germany using the latest technology and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Washable up to 60°

FLEXVIT bands can be washed at up to 60°C and therefore leave no doubts when it comes to hygiene.

Allergy friendly

Thanks to the special textile material, there is no skin contact with the rubber during training, which also enables training with latex allergies.

Certified Bands

All FLEXVIT bands are manufactured under high quality standards and have been awarded OEKO-TEX® and hygiene certificates.

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The FLEXVIT App for Functional Band Training

With the FLEXVIT App you have access to more than 400 functional exercises with resistance bands. Put together your personal workout or let yourself be inspired by training plans from the community. Regular new posts and workouts ensure that you stay motivated and move functionally. Download the FLEXVIT app now and discover Functional Band Training!

Innovation for the little ones

Find out more about the FLEXVIT MinY

Our FLEXVIT MinY is the world's first mini band that is specially tailored to the requirements of resistance training with young people. It enables adequate resilience of the support and locomotor system and thus promotes physical development even in childhood and adolescence.

With our FLEXVIT MinY, up-and-coming athletes can get to a physical performance level early on with bone and joint-gentle training, which makes it easier for adults to get started with later higher loads in the respective sport. In particular, the important small muscles that stabilize and protect joints can be trained with the MinY. The MinYs are also perfect for training basic exercises such as push-ups or squats.

Versatile applications ensure a varied workout that contributes to maintaining health and preventing injuries.

This is how you train with our bands

Train with the MinY

Training for youth

With the FLEXVIT mini bands for young people, age-specific training can be carried out, with which young people and children can complete individual and demanding fitness training. In individual training with young athletes, you can work specifically on motor skills, control and imbalances that arise.

That's what our customers & partners say

Carsten Effertz

We use the FLEXVIT bands in our training with young talents. Ideal for training. Easy to use and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Tanner Speed ​​Academy Gothenburg

Max Hauser

The best quality bands: last the longest and don't lose tension. Pleasant on the skin during training. A small gym for on the go.

Head Coach TV Herrsching, Volleyball Bundesliga Men

Florian Sölter

Even after several units and sometimes resin stains, they remain robust and resistant! Really great products!

Athletics coach MT Melsungen, Handball Bundesliga


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