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Our vision is to develop the best tapes in the world and also to be the brand that creates the most exciting formats for knowledge transfer. FLEXVIT bands hold a huge application potential in sports, in therapy as well as in the health and fitness sector.

We would like to discover and further develop this potential with you. Enter the wonderful world of functional band training.


Learn the basics

Bands Reloaded course

Would you like to improve your work with clients, patients or athletes or just your own training? Do you need an understandable system that makes this easy and sustainable? How about a larger repertoire of exercises?

In our FLEXVIT Bands Reloaded course, you will learn the basics of Functional Band Training (FBT) in a compact and tangible way. Bring professionalism and system into your training!

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Become part of the Functional Band Training (R)evolution!

Participant Feedback The course was great. Didn't know you could do so much with ribbons. The atmosphere was familiar and professional. I will also book the PRO course soon. A. Mueller

For all learning types

The FLEXVIT Training & Education variety

Bands Reloaded Course - The Basics

Compact and motivating course to get to know the basics of Functional Band Training (FBT) and the FLEXVIT DAILY 7 exercise concept in one day in theory and practice. An upgrade for your training!

Training with many advantages

Resistance is the first step to change

Variable resistance training means that the resistance changes with each push or pull movement. But it also means that you have to use more and more strength when performing the exercise.

Elastic resistance bands naturally possess these properties. The resistance increases linearly with most bands made of pure rubber, but progressively with the FLEXVIT bands.

In principle, you can do any exercise that you can do with weights also with bands. However, it allows you to change resistance levels continuously and in a matter of seconds, takes up a fraction of the space for transport and exercise, and can do a wide variety of exercises with a single band, which is rarely the case with strength machines.

Even more knowledge

Our FLEXVIT app helps you in everyday life

With our free app, you get even more support. It contains over 400 exercises for stimulation. Finished workouts are regularly available for immediate training. You can also create your own workouts and exercises and share them with your community. With our training diary, you make progress visible. Tips, news and backgrounds make the app a daily companion.


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