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About us – When our first FLEXVIT collection was launched in 2015, we had no idea of the global success that was to lie ahead.


Today we see world champions and Olympic champions from a wide range of disciplines and sports training with our bands – from the USA to China and from South Africa to Norway.


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Coaches, physiotherapists and athletes all over the world also trust the quality of our FLEXVIT bands and use them for performance, fitness and therapy purposes in their training.


The “band width” of use ranges from clinical rehabilitation, where the first movements with specific loads are to be performed again after injuries, to sport-specific athletic training.

What is particularly important to and about us

About us - the diversity of our training bands


FLEXVIT bands can be used by anyone. And we know that every person has a unique lifestyle and everyday life that places individual demands on the individual. We see this individuality as valuable and therefore always keep it in mind when developing our products and in our dealings with partners and customers.

About us - the innovation in functional training with bands


We always want to develop further. And only when there are no limits in the mind, new paths be discovered and new possibilities can be found. Just as there are endless possibilities and situations to use our products, we believe that innovation is only possible when creativity and imagination are limitless.

We work sustainably - learn more about us and our products


Our products are designed for a long service life. And training with FLEXVIT bands is also said to have lasting positive effects on health. That’s why we strive to make a lasting positive impact with all our actions – within our company and for the lives of our customers.

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How our bands can be used

Our training tapes can be used in the field of therapy

FLEXVIT tapes are used in clinics and physiotherapy practices by professionals who help their clients rehabilitate from injuries and overcome limitations caused by disabilities.


You are a physiotherapist and want to equip your practice with FLEXVIT bands? We will be happy to help you choose the bands and offer discounts for larger orders.

Our training bands are perfect for your functional fitness training.

Coaches from all areas use FLEXVIT bands, from personal trainers to yoga, Pilates and other group fitness instructors. FLEXVIT bands are also used in fitness studios and company fitness facilities.


You are a fitness trainer, use FLEXVIT bands and recommend them to your clients.? Then our affiliate programme might be just the thing for you! Please contact us for more information.

You can significantly improve your performance with ribbon training

FLEXVIT bands are used by athletic trainers in professional and amateur sports clubs for warming up and activation as well as for strength and speed training and are often provided to athletes for individual training.


Are you an athletic trainer or club director and would like to enable your athletes and teams to train with FLEXVIT? We would be happy to examine the possibilities of cooperation.

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