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- Basics for functional training
- Understanding of the muscle-fascia system
- Applicable exercise catalog


Practical functional anatomy - with Nici Mende

While normal fitness exercises are based on structural anatomy, the basis for functional training is functional anatomy. This book describes teamwork in the muscle-fascia system in an understandable and clear manner and puts what you have learned into practice in a detailed catalog of exercises. An ideal reference work by Nici Mende for trainers and anyone who wants to deal with their own body.

The most important things at a glance:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of functional training
  • Get introduced to new training and exercise variations
  • Get to know your own body better

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Deepen your knowledge

Learn more about functional anatomy

Health and vitality sports differ significantly from high-performance sports. Wouldn't it make sense to study the functional anatomy specifically for health-promoting areas? To put common problems such as “sciatica” or “back” in a beneficial training context? In “Practical Functional Anatomy” Nici Mende focuses particularly on the health sector and provides both the basics and the exercises for it - enriched with detailed drawings that she creates herself.

Nici Mende is an A-licensed trainer in several areas of fitness and health sports and a TÜV-certified personal fitness trainer. As a student at the Fascial Fitness Association, she trained as an advanced trainer in fascial fitness. She completed further training as a specialist trainer for medical prevention and rehabilitation in 2016 with her coursework to become a qualified trainer in medical fitness.

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Practical functional anatomy

Written by Nici Mende and illustrated with her own hand-drawn graphics, the book provides a comprehensive introduction to how the human body works. It serves as effective training for trainers and offers facts and basic knowledge about the human movement system as well as many everyday tips and exercises for immediate implementation.

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Nici Mende

I use the FLEXVIT bands mainly for perception training - for this I often use body-hugging wrappings with the FLEXVIT Multi, which means my customers can a) see and b) feel the pull. The bands are also a nice strength training tool.

Tom Flick

In addition to their pleasant grip, the FLEXIT bands are also characterized by their robustness and longevity. These properties and also the fact that they can be washed up to 60 °C were decisive advantages for me in my trainer training in order to switch to the textile bands from FLEXVIT.


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