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FLEXVIT Chain - the stretch band for your muscle length training

The stretch band for muscle length training in everyday life


The FLEXVIT Chain is the perfect companion for more mobility in everyday life. Especially people occupying sedentary work can benefit immediately from just a few exercises a day. Often the pectoral and shoulder girdle is particularly shortened, which can lead to poor posture and tension.


By actively stretching the various chains of muscle fascia that run through the human body (and thus stabilise and connect everything), tension can be released and shortened muscles can be (re-)lengthened.


With the FLEXVIT Chain the intensity can be optimally adjusted to your own mobility. If you are already very flexible and therefore need stronger resistance, simply grab the next “chamber” and increase the tension of the chain.

Even top athletes do muscle length training


Our FLEXVIT Chain is not a tool for strengthening but to improve flexibility and mobility. Even top athletes appreciate its application for optimal preparation for training and competition.


E.g. tensions or shortening of the front muscle chain can lead to poorer breathing, which in turn results in reduced oxygen uptake and thus reduced endurance.


In this case, our FLEXVIT Chain can be used to open up the front muscle chain with various exercises, thus eliminating such problems and (re)establishing full performance capacity.

Exercises for your muscle length training with the FLEXVIT Chain stretch band
Stretching and stretching with the sports band Chain

Training of muscle fascia chains


The FLEXVIT Chain is small, light and easy to handle. If you want to be able to release tensions and prevent shortening even when you are on the road, on trips and at home, our FLEXVIT Chain is the right choice.


The product name “Chain” refers to the design of the band (sewn-in loops that look like individual chain links) on the one hand and its application – the training of the muscle fascia chains – on the other.


Besides the use in therapy and group fitness, it is also very popular in everyday life for exercises “just in between”. You can afford compact size and manageable price.

7 reasons to buy the FLEXVIT Chain


  • Comfortable haptic of textile
  • Small, light and easy to handle
  • Perfect tool for more flexibility and mobility
  • Tensions can be quickly released in everyday life
  • Easy adaptation to individual needs and progress
  • Washable up to 60 degrees
  • Made in Germany

Which exercises can I do with the FLEXVIT Chain?


Our infographic offers you at a glance which training areas the FLEXVIT Chain optimally supports:

Training Areas

The FLEXVIT Chain comes with a brochure containing general training instructions and some exercises. Also we regularly share inspiration and instructions for exercises on our social media channels:

Since this year we also offer training courses for coaches, therapists and (hobby) athletes, in which the optimal use of our FLEXVIT tapes can be learned. More information about our training courses can be found on the FLEXVIT Academy website.

Fascia Training - Stretch Band Chain by FLEXVIT