BlackBoard ToeBands by FLEXVIT


In cooperation with BlackBoard Training, we have developed the first traction bands specifically for the foot. Size and resistance have been chosen so that isolated training of the foot and toe muscles is possible both in a standing position and integrated into dynamic movement patterns, e.g. gait.

  • 1x ToeBand green and 1x ToeBand pink
  • incl. ToeBand bag

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Elastic bands have proven to be very effective in supporting neural activation and muscular strengthening.


However, since an application in the area of the foot and toes has special requirements, we have developed specific bands together with BlackBoard Training.


The green ToeBand is mainly used to mobilise fixed and immobile joints and to strengthen already well-trained foot muscles.


The pink ToeBand enables the strengthening of neural pathways and strengthens muscles that have been less active and have therefore lost strength.


The fair and environmentally friendly production and a material that meets the highest hygienic standards and is resilient offer decisive advantages compared to conventional rubber bands:


✔ No skin contact with rubber/latex (thus suitable for allergy sufferers and use in clinics).

✔ Exceptionally attractive haptics

✔ Soft and good to the skin

✔ no cutting in

✔ Washable up to 60°C


The application techniques developed by BlackBoard are easy to use and make training with the ToeBands a real experience.


For an even more effective and targeted training, the ToeBands can also be excellently combined with the exercises on the BlackBoard.


✔ Made in Germany

✔ Eco-certified



Areas of application:

  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and personal training


Training focus:

  • Mobilisation of the joints
  • Strengthening of the musculature
  • Strengthening of neural pathways


Other possible uses:

  • In combination with the BlackBoard

2,5 cm x 16 cm


strong (green), soft (pink)


between 160 and 200%


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