FLEXVIT set for volleyball players



You want to bring your volleyball team forward athletically? Then this set is the perfect equipment. With the volleyball set, you can make your team’s training effective and varied and push your team to new heights.


Save more than 150 € with the FLEXVIT Volleyball Set!


With the volleyball set, you can train yourself and your team to the top of the league. Make your training even more effective and performance-oriented with our high-quality FLEXVIT bands.


  • Our set contains:


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With our volleyball set, we build on the experience of training with the national volleyball league team WWK Herrsching (the “coolest club in the world”) and bundle the most important FLEXVIT bands with the most practical accessories into a powerful package to help your team achieve its best performance.


For whom is the set:


  • For ambitious volleyball teams
  • who use professional volleyball-specific athletics and fitness training to
  • to improve performance
  • and minimise the risk of injury.


The different types of bands and strengths always allow you to choose the right resistance according to your individual performance and training goals (in terms of intensity, but also movement).


With the special, high-quality material of the FLEXVIT bands made in Germany, your team will enjoy the pleasant feeling on the skin. No rolling up, no pulling on the skin and no sudden tearing as with conventional bands.


Training Focus:


✔ Full-body training, directly on the field

✔ Volleyball-specific technique training and training of movement sequences

✔ Speed and agility training (e.g. resisted speed, overspeed)

✔ Improvement of resilience

✔ targeted reduction of individual muscular imbalances

✔ Stabilisation, activation, mobilisation

✔ Circuit and pair training


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