FLEXVIT: Avoiding injuries during sport – this is how it works!

We'll explain to you how you can avoid sports injuries and minimize the risk of another injury. What are triggers and risk factors? How do I manage to minimize the risk or even avoid sports injuries?

We'll explain to you how you can avoid sports injuries and minimize the risk of another injury. But before we get into rehab training and recovery after a sports injury, we must first understand how an injury to the muscles, ligaments or capsules in joints occurs. What are triggers and risk factors? How do I manage to minimize the risk or even avoid sports injuries? We'll tell you!

Content overview:
1. Avoid sports injuries – introduction!
2. Improve control in the joints - here's how!
3. Functional mobilization as a coaching key!
4. The stretch band for prevention and fitness!

Functional training against injuries

Avoid sports injuries - with FLEXVIT and functional training

Avoiding sports injuries – a short introduction!

Stability in the joint primarily includes the addition of mobility. This aspect is often neglected. Through a monotonous training sequence alone, we create a movement corset that strictly limits us. In addition, our musculoskeletal system is forced into a sport-specific posture. Without functional compensation and without opening the shortened structures, injuries are inevitable. Overloading can lead to imbalances in movement and increase the risk of injury exponentially.

However, we can take positive action by providing an additional movement buffer in the joints and structures. Injuries occur particularly in unusual movement sequences that involve strong torque. For example, serious injuries have been proven to occur during the landing phase and subsequent change of direction. These mostly affect the knee or ankle joints. Particularly in football, handball and volleyball, ankle ligament tears, sprains and capsular tears or even cruciate ligament tears occur in the knee.

With the mini band you can not only warm up your core, but also compensate for the instability when moving your legs. This is how you can effectively avoid sports injuries!

Causes: Lack of control in joints!

Capsular problems usually occur when one line of pull is too dominant. This results in stiffness. This compensatory overload can cause microtraumas if we make a sudden movement that our brain classifies as a danger.

The prime example is internal vs. external rotation in throwing sports. The throwing arm is usually more dominant and is rotated inwards more often. Here the Flexvit Patband can be understood as an opening security item. We rotate the upper arm outwards and at the same time stretch our pectoral muscle. With the help of a resistance band, we can functionally relieve the strain on our rotator cuff.

With the FLEXVIT Stretchband Chain you can specifically train internal and external rotation in the shoulder joint.

More attention should be given to the functional opening and mobilization of the thoracic spine, as our shoulder blades are connected to the spine. This can certainly be done under tension so that we can build up an arc of tension and therefore train much more securely. The Flexvit Chain Band is particularly suitable for functional mobilization training.

Functional mobilization – avoid sports injuries through the right training!

With the help of training exercises and appropriate mobilization of the joints, we can create a solid foundation for movement in the future. We initially use primarily preventative measures, which are repeated a large number of times. This internalizes movement patterns and systematically corrects imbalances.

Overhead movement actions in particular always cause difficulties. Therefore, if possible, you should work on a specific sport during the warm-up. Although you can work on weak points in isolation, you should always train in a group.

Resistance bands and stretch bands are therefore ideal for functionally mobilizing joints and muscles. In addition, not only are the imbalances corrected, but the adjacent muscles are also trained. This creates targeted strengthening and mobilization of the entire muscle chain.

With Pallof Circles you train a variety of muscles functionally and evenly - effectively avoid sports injuries with FLEXVIT!

With the stretch band for fitness and prevention!

We can only counteract the occurrence of injuries to a limited extent on the field, as we cannot completely simulate the impact of physical contact.

It has been shown that duels during competition cause extraordinary movements to which our bodies have to react within seconds. This creates stress and evasive movements that are almost impossible to train.

However, this type of injury is not the rule. The frequency is due to overtraining. A tired, overloaded or not properly warmed muscle chain is then unable to carry out the movement tasks according to our expectations.

It is therefore particularly important to constantly train our musculoskeletal system and thus create strong muscles. It is also important that there is sufficient rest time between training sessions so that regeneration and muscle growth can take place.

You can find numerous functional warm-up exercises and forms of training against imbalances here on our YouTube channel. Here: Single Leg Hip Bridge with mini band.

Through targeted training, we prepare our muscular system accordingly. Stop and go executions, jumping elements and rotations at all joint levels are a central key element in injury prevention. If we prepare our muscles appropriately for a variety of different movement tasks, we can effectively avoid sports injuries.

Through different and changing resistances, new stimuli can be created again and again. The FLEXVIT Stretchband Chain offers you all of these options. Functional and targeted training with changing resistances. You decide how strongly and selectively you want to train your muscles and prepare yourself perfectly for every competition.

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