How to deal with stress correctly – sport as compensation

We'll explain to you how stress works and why sport is the perfect way to balance it out!

With FLEXVIT we show you how to deal with stress correctly - exercise with our fitness bands!

Stress – everyone knows it and nobody likes it. Nevertheless, it has now become a completely natural companion in our everyday lives. Stress per se is not always fundamentally bad: in many situations it is our body's resource that enables us to achieve greater performance and strength and can perhaps even save our lives in dangerous situations.

However, if you constantly expose your body to stress, you are exposing yourself to a number of health risks. You can read here what exactly happens in our bodies when we are stressed and how exercise can help to improve your ability to deal with stress in the long and short term

Content overview:

  • What is Stess?
  • Stress and its symptoms?
  • Why sport is ideal for balance!
  • Sport against stress – with FLEXVIT and Functional Band Training!

What is stress?

Stress is primarily our body's reaction to external influences. These triggers can be physical and emotional, but essentially they trigger the same processes within us.

Originally, stress, or rather the stress hormone cortisol, was our survival mechanism and alarm system. When we are exposed to danger, our brain releases cortisol and adrenaline. This combination of hormones causes our heart rate to increase, which means our muscles receive more blood and are supplied with more oxygen and glucose.

Why? In the past, this body reaction was necessary to enable our ancestors to react and perform efficiently in the event of acute danger - back then, for example, this meant fleeing from or fighting with a wild animal. That's why this stress reaction of the body is often called the fight-or-flight reaction. So back then we needed all our energy resources in our legs, arms and for our speed of reaction. The heart and lungs become active so that our muscles can perform at their best. You may be familiar with when you feel like you're growing beyond yourself in stressful situations - it can even feel like a rush. sport balances stress A healthy balance against your stress – no problem with FLEXVIT and a little sport!

Stress today and its symptoms!

Fortunately, these days we no longer have to flee from saber-tooth tiger attacks, but the same reaction still happens in our bodies. The problem is that the nature of our stress triggers has also changed. Today hardly anyone needs to flee from four-legged dangers. Our stressors have less fur, but in terms of time they have longer legs - or, in other words, they have more endurance. Modern stress doesn't come and go, it's just always there. And this takes time away from our body to recover and regenerate after “positive” moments of stress.

Chronic stress leads to a few things, and none of them good. If you are constantly under electricity, you increase your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases, among other things.

What are stress symptoms?

Because our body uses its energy resources mainly in our blood circulation and the nutrient supply to our muscles when we are stressed, some other parts of the body are neglected. The digestive tract and the immune system are on the back burner.

Typical stress symptoms include heart palpitations and dizziness, as well as back and neck pain. Many also complain of sleep problems and headaches. On the other hand, you are more susceptible to infections, stomach pain and diarrhea are not uncommon, and skin rashes can also occur. While one part of our body is constantly burning at full speed, the other part is under-supplied - and that's not good for either side. frewde flexvit band You can do exercise from anywhere, you don't need a gym! It's best to use our resistance bands and train anywhere!

Why is sport the ideal balance?

Numerous studies* show that exercise improves mood and reduces feelings such as anxiety and stress. But why is that actually the case?


Hormones are also released during exercise: especially endorphins. These happiness hormones, as their name can hardly hide, make us happy. In fact, endorphins not only stimulate feelings of happiness, but also reduce the perception of pain.

Improve sleep**

Exercise helps us sleep better and relax. The energy that we use during our active time while exercising stimulates important recovery processes that take place while we sleep. In addition, exercise not only improves the quality of sleep, but it has also been proven to shorten the time it takes us to fall asleep. Sleep and stress are strongly linked and can quickly develop into a vicious circle: stress leads to insomnia, and short nights cause stress levels to rise further the next day. Through exercise and sport, you help your body find peace more quickly in the evening and recover over the night. FLEXVIT mini With the fitness bands from FLEXVIT you stay fit & happy - for the perfect balance to work!

Which sport helps with stress – we’ll tell you!

If you're doing exercise to lower your stress levels, the most important thing is not to put yourself under pressure while exercising. Exercise shouldn’t become another to-do that you have to “deliver” on. It's about moving and doing something good for yourself. It's about time for you.

The nice thing is that basically any form of exercise helps - studies*** have shown that the intensity of exercise has no influence on the positive effect of exercise on your mental balance. So when choosing your sport, choose something that you enjoy and that makes you feel good.

Many people like cyclical, consistent sports. This could be a long walk, jogging, cycling or swimming. These endurance sports don't require a lot of concentration and can therefore help you switch off.

Sport against stress: Functional Band Training

So it doesn't matter what sport we do and for how long: every movement helps. Functional training with bands offers the perfect opportunity to design your training. The multifunctional bands allow you to adapt your exercises exactly to your current needs! sport functional training With our fitness bands from FLEXVIT you can perform a variety of exercises - it's best to start with our starter set and discover Functional Band Training!

How much time do you have right now?

It doesn't matter whether you just want to do a short workout or can take more time for your training. With functional training with bands you can train briefly but effectively. You can also add variety to extended training sessions.

How much desire do you have right now?

Do you actually have no interest in sports? These are exactly the moments when movement relaxes you. Long training sessions can often seem intimidating, but every movement helps. 10 minutes of exercise is enough to clear your head. With functional training with bands, you can effectively fit in a lot of exercises in a short amount of time using just one tool. In no time you'll have it "over with" and who knows, maybe you'll still feel like moving on.

What do you want to train right now?

With functional training with bands you can train all muscle groups anytime and anywhere. And that's what it's all about: Do what you enjoy - right away. Whether it's strength training, mobilization exercises or different muscle groups - get what you need. With band training you remain flexible when it comes to time and place. Whether in the office, at home or with our bands in the gym: you can create your training freely and however it suits you. training-everywhere Discover Functional Band Training with FLEXVIT and actively organize your daily routine - you can use our starter set and start training straight away!

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