Exercise of the Month for July: The Hurdle Step

Here you can find out which exercise we are going to look at in more detail this month and how to do it.

Every month we present an exercise from OSINSTITUT with FLEXVIT bands that can be carried out in various regressions and progressions. The correct execution and the different areas of application are discussed.

Guest article from OSINSTITUT

What is the Hurdle Step?

The Hurdle Step primarily trains balance and motor control when standing on one leg. The FLEXVIT Multi fitness band serves, on the one hand, to actively straighten the torso and, on the other hand, to control the flexion in the lumbar spine.

The supporting stimulus for activating the straightening muscles challenges the trainee more or less - depending on the choice of band resistance. This should be chosen so that the trainee can stand upright in a controlled manner against the resistance.

Execution of the Hurdle Step with the FLEXVIT Multi fitness band

The starting position for the Hurdle Step:

  • The trainee stands with one leg on the marked center of the FLEXVIT multi resistance band
  • The hands are passed through the end loop or, depending on size, through the loops on each side so that the resistance of the band allows the arms to be fully extended under tension. The trainee stands up against the resistance of the sports band and stretches his arms above his head.
  • The spine is in a neutral position, the supporting leg is stretched and the supporting foot is evenly loaded.

Execution of the Hurdle Step:

  • The trainee lifts one leg so that the knee is at least at hip height. The elevation (if there is a target) is then briefly touched with the tip of the foot before the foot is then brought back and set down.
  • The torso should remain stable and there should be no movement in the lumbar spine. The ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and ear of the supporting leg should form a continuous line.
  • The exercise with the sports band should then be completed on the other side.

Areas of application of the Hurdle Step exercise

The Hurdle Step with resistance band can be integrated as part of injury prevention (prehab) as well as in rehabilitation or in the “Return to Sport” phase. The Hurdle Step is a fitness band exercise that is very suitable as a preliminary exercise or for learning to use the standing scales, as the one-legged knee lift can be practiced in isolation.

You can find out more exercises and background information about the Return to Activty Algorithm (RTAA®) used by OSINSITUT in the OSINSTITUT seminars.

The next seminars are: 1a Functional Screening and 1b Prehab Training.

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