Improve basketball skills: With fitness bands you can take yourself to a new level

What are relevant basketball skills that set you apart from other players? Explosiveness on the court! Hardly any professional is born overnight. This means that in addition to a lot of talent, a lot of work goes into being a good athlete. Find out here how our resistance bands can help you make yourself a better player.
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Successfully improve your basketball skills - we'll show you how you can incorporate and use resistance bands into your effective training!

Like any sport, basketball is all about technique. In addition to the sport-specific movement sequences, there are a few other skills you can hone. Here we will explain to you how you can improve your basketball skills with resistance bands.

In fact, our FLEXVIT resistance bands set you few limits when it comes to designing and enhancing your training. Use them to improve your explosiveness and agility on the field. An important basketball skill such as your vertical jump can also be trained explicitly with our bands. Of course, you can also do strength training with them and use them to strengthen your legs for any movement in basketball. Your upper body isn't spared either: train your arms and shoulders to optimize throws and passes.

What basketball skills do you need?

But what are relevant basketball skills that set you apart from other players?

  • Fast footwork
  • Powerful and high vertical jumps
  • Long forward jumps
  • Explosiveness on the court

Resistance band-effective-training-basketball-flexvit

Hardly any professional is born overnight. This means that in addition to a lot of talent, a lot of work goes into being a good athlete. If you invest time in additional training, use new and efficient training methods and prepare holistically for your game, you will definitely notice the difference on the pitch. Tools like our FLEXVIT bands are ideal companions for developing the fast-twitch muscle fibers that are essential for these skills.

Resistance bands are particularly suitable for improving your basketball skills because they can be used incredibly flexibly - you can add resistance to every movement and every move you want to train and provide extra training stimuli.

Everything you need to successfully train your basketball skills!

Basketball Skill: Agility

With our FLEXVIT Minis you can improve your mobility in the easiest and most effective way. When doing the exercises, you can place the bands around your ankles or over your knees.

What's the point? Wearing the bands during lateral and linear movements builds the leg muscles you need for fast and effective dribbling. This way you can use your basketball skills to give yourself a decisive advantage in the game!

What is the advantage? With our FLEXVIT bands, the resistance can constantly affect your muscles from all angles. This makes them functionally applicable and allows you to train very tailored to your sport. Of course, you can also train your leg strength in the traditional way in the gym, with weights or on machines. However, the resistance will only ever act from a fixed angle. That's why you train dynamic strength development in all directions with resistance bands.

You can use your FLEXVIT Minis in isolation for strength training, for example with lateral walks, squats and squat walks. However, the special advantage of the bands is that they can be used when playing basketball and during your regular movement and dribbling exercises. This will help you develop explosive power in the basketball-specific movements you would use during a game.

Bounce in basketball

If you want to jump high, the main thing you need to take care of is your quadriceps muscles in your thigh. Of course, your entire leg muscles are needed to jump explosively and high. These forces are best trained with higher repetitions using lighter weights. Because what you want to train are the fast-reacting muscle fibers that allow you to jump off explosively in a fraction of a second - you can read more about explosive strength training further down in this article. It's important that you strengthen your leg muscles when doing squats with heavy weight, but not in the reactive way that you need them for your fast-twitch fiber muscles and your slam dunk.

How do you train your basketball jumping strength? Longer bands, like our FLEXVIT Resist or FLEXVIT Revolve, are perfect for integrating resistance into your jumping training. They can be placed on your body in a variety of ways and attached to external objects or teammates. Our FLEXVIT bands are available in different strengths, which allows you to regulate the strength of the resistance. You can also adjust the resistance level by positioning yourself closer and further away from your anchor point.

warm-up basketball mini band flexvit

A specific exercise to train your basketball jumping strength would be explosive squats. To do this, place the band around your hips and position yourself at the appropriate distance from your team partner or anchor point. Now perform a normal squat by squatting to 90 degrees. When you stand up again, jump up using the strength of your legs. The resistance of the band creates external forces that make it difficult for you to jump upwards. Over time, your legs adapt to the additional resistance, increasing their ability to store and release elastic energy. This means you can improve your flight time and altitude.

Sprint training in basketball: explosiveness

In basketball, milliseconds often decide who gets the ball first or hits the basket. What you need for this minimal advantage is explosive sprinting power and lightning-fast acceleration. These abilities depend on fast-twitch muscle fibers. As mentioned in the previous section, these are best trained with a combination of light resistance and high repetitions.

What is the advantage of tapes? Our FLEXVIT bands are the perfect addition to sprint training in basketball, as they allow you to create horizontal resistance. Compared to traditional weights, which depend on gravity and therefore only work on a vertical plane, resistance bands are therefore more sport-specific and functional.

Training basketball band resistance

How does sprint training work in basketball? Similar to basketball jump training, you can also use longer bands for your sprint unit, namely our FLEXVIT Resist or FLEXVIT Revolve. You can attach it to an external anchor point or do the exercises with a partner, who then works with the band to counteract your sprint. Our bands can be easily incorporated into normal three to four meter sprints to train for the start. You can also put them on during dynamic game situations in order to develop your explosiveness directly in sport-specific movement sequences.

Also important for your basketball skills: explosive strength in the upper body

Why should you use resistance bands for this? You can of course train the strength in your arms and upper body with conventional weights. However, here too the training is not adapted to the fast and dynamic conditions in the game. In fact, at a certain point your arms begin to reactively slow down, even if they are very strong. With our FLEXVIT bands you can combine strength training with dynamic movements to train the spring strength required for effective passing and throwing in basketball.

How do I train this important basketball skill? Also use the FLEXVIT Resist or FLEXVIT Revolve for this training. The FLEXVIT Multi can also be used for these exercises. Attach your band to an external anchor point or have a team partner hold it in place. Now take one loop of the band in your hand and choose a distance at which you feel comfortable resistance. Now practice passing and throwing movements while you have the loops of the band wrapped around your hand. Feel free to experiment with different resistance levels.


Basketball Basics: Core Training

Our core, i.e. our body center, is the center from which our entire body can operate. A strong core is not only fundamentally good for health and ensures good posture. It can also help you perform agile and powerful on the court in basketball and many other sports.

How do you train your core? The supposed core classic, sit-ups, are actually not the best way to train your core muscles. This is because exercises for the core should ideally not round the spine, but rather stress the muscles that counteract this rounding of the spine.

FLEXVIT basketball resistance bands training

How can you then effectively strengthen your core? You can find the answer in another classic exercise: the plank. You can already supplement your normal plank with a FLEXVIT Mini. But many plank variations (such as mountain climbers or bear walks) are also a perfect exercise in combination with a mini to strengthen your core in a goal-oriented and effective way. In this way, you not only train the abdominal muscles, but also all of the additional core muscles - this includes the muscles in the hips, groin, buttocks and back. And since basketball is a full-body sport, this is exactly the workout you need.

What are you waiting for? Get started & improve your basketball skills!

Using resistance bands for basketball training is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from opponents and other teams. Use your basketball skills to give yourself a real advantage. Use these handy and effective tools to increase your explosiveness in movement. Increase your mobility, improve your sense of balance, build strength and stability. A special advantage of our bands: Regular training with resistance bands can reduce the risk of injury. Whether FLEXVIT Mini, Resist or Multi - with all of our tapes you can easily and without much effort make an enormous difference in your performance - don't miss it and try it out. Start improving your basketball skills with resistance bands now!

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Improve your basketball skills with functional band training – with the resistance bands from FLEXVIT!

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