FLEXVIT: Daily 7 – Mini band exercises for your training

The Daily 7 concept is based on the 7 basic human movement patterns. Here you can find out how you can implement this concept with the FLEXVIT Mini!

The 7 best mini band exercises for your Functional Band Training – with the Daily 7 concept!

We'll show you the 7 best exercises for your fitness training with the mini band. These exercises follow the Daily 7 concept. They contain the 7 basic human movement patterns and aim not to train individual muscles, but to view the body as a functioning entire system. In the Daily 7 concept, muscle chains are trained to strengthen your movement patterns.

Content overview:

  • What is the Daily 7 concept?
  • Mini band exercises – squat
  • Mini band exercises – hinge
  • Mini band exercises – lungs
  • Mini band exercises – push
  • Mini band exercises – pull
  • Mini band exercises – twist
  • Mini band exercises – plank

What is the Daily 7 concept?

Basically, all human movements can be reduced to 7 basic movement patterns. These basic movement patterns then create combinations or variations. For example, when throwing a bat or a long-distance ball, you rotate your upper body (twist) and throw the ball (push).

For this reason, we have developed the Daily 7 concept with Stefan Liebezeit (personal trainer, trainer, managing director of the Munich Personal Training Lounge and founder of MPTL Grow): According to this, you should train each basic movement pattern at least once every day - i.e. at least 7 exercises per day . You can find out more about the Daily 7 concept here .

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Learn with FLEXVIT how to successfully train in the 7 basic human movement patterns! In order to provide new stimuli to the basic movement patterns, we use resistance bands - get our mini band now!

Squat – Squats with the mini band

  1. Position the mini band above your knees. Start with your feet hip-width or slightly more than hip-width apart - the mini band should be slightly stretched.
  2. Now bend your knees so that your thighs are at least horizontal or lower, and push your buttocks back. Your shoulders and knees should be in a vertical line above the tips of your feet, your back should be straight or your spine should be in its natural double S shape (not a hunched back, but not an extreme hollow back either).
  3. Then come back to an upright position. At the end of the movement, actively push your hips forward and at the same time bring your arms back alongside your body.

Tips for training:

  • The mini band helps you keep your knees from falling inwards. Actively push against the resistance of the mini band as you return from a squat to an upright position.

Hinge – pelvic lift with the mini band

  1. Place the mini band just above your knees and lie on your back. Place your legs at an angle and open your feet and knees hip-width apart so that the mini band is under tension. Place your arms close to your sides. The head is also discarded.
  2. Activate your glutes and push your pelvis up so that it is in a line between your thighs and your upper body. Make sure your hips don't sink to one side and that your buttocks stay up.
  3. Keep the stretch short and then lower your pelvis again until just before it comes into contact with the floor.

Tips for training:

  • When you lower yourself back into the supine position, roll your spine from the neck to the tailbone slowly and in a controlled manner. This is gentlest on the vertebral bodies and intervertebral discs.

Lunge – upper body rotation in the lunge with the mini band

  1. Your starting position is a lunge where you place your back knee on the floor. Take your FLEXVIT Mini between your hands and stretch them straight over your head. Your upper body is perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Rotate your upper body to one side and over the middle directly to the other side. During rotation, your head remains in line with your spine and moves with it.

Tips for training:

  • The movement of your upper body should be carried out through your stomach while your hips do not move.

Push – donkey kick with the mini band

  1. Your starting position is on all fours, with your arms stretched. Place your mini once above and once below your knees. First perform the exercise with the leg on which the band is above the knee.
  2. Now lift your leg upwards at an angle until your thigh forms a straight line with your back. Maintain your body tension and your center of gravity stable.
  3. Then bring your leg back under you without putting it down and repeat the exercise. Before doing the exercise with your other leg, switch the positioning of the band.

Tips for training:

  • When doing the exercise, pay particular attention to keeping your back straight and not arching your hips upwards.
  • Your upper body should not move during the entire exercise.

Pull – plank rowing with the mini band

  1. Get into a push-up position with your FLEXVIT Mini wrapped around your hands. Your arms are perpendicular to the floor under your shoulders.
  2. Alternately lift your left and right hands off the floor and pull them up to your chest against the band resistance.

Tips for training:

  • Keep your body as stable as possible during the exercise.
  • Be careful not to slump your back or stretch your buttocks upwards.

Twist – Mountain Climbers with rotation with the mini band

  1. First get into a push-up position. Your FLEXVIT Mini is placed around the tips of your feet.
  2. Alternately pull your left and right legs under your torso towards the opposite shoulder.
  3. As you do this, rotate your hips to the side as you pull your leg under your torso.

Tips for training:

  • Keep your shoulder axis straight and stable.

Plank – Plank side taps with the mini band

  1. Get into a push-up position with your FLEXVIT Mini around your forearms. Your arms are perpendicular to the floor under your shoulders.
  2. Now alternately move your left and right hands outwards and back to the starting position.

Tips for training:

  • Keep your body as stable as possible during the exercise.
  • Be careful not to slump your back or stretch your buttocks upwards.

You can find more training exercises in our YouTube channel .

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