FLEXVIT: Volleyball training – improve fitness, strength & explosiveness

Become fast and explosive – with the right volleyball training & FLEXVIT. We'll show you resistance training to improve your processes and develop the right strength!
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The right volleyball training for fitness and strength – with FLEXVIT and the WWK Volleys Herrsching

Volleyball players must be in good physical condition. Speed ​​and reaction strength as well as strength endurance are also essential. It's important to be nimble and agile on the field throughout the game. And of course a good jump in attack or blocking creates many more opportunities.

The game of volleyball requires many natural human movements, such as combinations of lunges, squats, and pushing and rotation movements. These should therefore also be trained in training according to the requirements. In addition, resistance bands can be used in team and individual training to specifically simulate various real game situations in order to train movement sequences in a game-like manner and with the ball.

Together with the self-proclaimed “Greatest Club in the World”, the WWK Volleys Herrsching, we have put together a series of exercises that replicate the daily training from the first Volleyball Bundesliga! Here we introduce you to a few of the exercises for your volleyball training.

Content overview:

  1. The right volleyball training – what is crucial?
  2. Speed ​​training with bands in volleyball
  3. This is how you effectively improve your jumping height!
  4. The best exercises for fitness, strength & explosiveness
  5. Functional training in volleyball – for speed, jump height and core stability

The right volleyball training – which muscles and muscle groups are crucial?

Volleyball players spend a lot of time being prepared in the correct position. A slightly crouched stance with knees bent is often the basic position in order to be able to react quickly and reach the ball. For beginners, simply assuming and holding the basic athletic position over a long period of time can be strenuous. Good leg and core muscles make it easier. fitness-strength-training-volleyball

Basically, however, you should train and think in movements instead of training muscles. Just think about the execution of a smash ball. The power that must be generated for a powerful smash begins at the approach. It is the speed, power and quickness of the feet that create the energy that is transferred through the body as you jump up the torso into the hand, creating a powerful smash.

With functional volleyball training you can specifically train your processes and thus train volleyball-specific fitness and strength.

For proper volleyball training, simply improving the movement sequence is often enough to develop a harder shot. Strength training is of course still essential - but should be carried out as functional training. It is a basic requirement to be able to push, squat or pull very well. Volleyball is all about having explosive power behind your movements.

Here we can use functional volleyball training with the support of resistance. With FLEXVIT bands you can train all the basic athletic skills you need as a volleyball player. This will help you quickly develop the fitness and strength you need for your explosive and fast game.

Volleyball Training – Speed: Get faster on the court!

The ability to be quick laterally is essential on the volleyball court. Every step taken in the game must be done as quickly as possible. A good move sometimes depends on how quickly players can change direction, how fast they are on their feet and, above all, how much explosive power can be used. The faster you are on the court, the greater your chance of being able to react correctly to hard serves, smashes and blocks. functional volleyball training Become fast and explosive – with the right volleyball training & FLEXVIT. We'll show you resistance training to improve your processes and develop the right strength!

As a rule, a good player is characterized by the fact that he has learned where he has to be when and that he can dose his strength technically finely and quickly at any time. Good fitness helps you keep a cool head even under high stress. Especially when defending, all players must be able to cover a large part of the field effectively. A good basic position and a quick first step help enormously in being able to react quickly and correctly.

Volleyball Training – Explosiveness: Improve your jump height!

A good jump creates many opportunities in attack and blocking. If you can jump vertically high, it is easier to place smash balls in the field of play or to fend them off from your opponent.

To increase the height of the vertical jump, resistance bands provide a variety of exercises to improve leg strength as well as explosive and reactive power. You should primarily include squats and hip bends in your volleyball training so that you can functionally train the explosiveness of your movement sequences with resistance bands. flexvit mini volleyball training With our mini bands you can ideally prepare for your athletic training in volleyball!

The right exercises for your volleyball training – fitness & strength!

A range of functional exercises with the resistance band are suitable for improving volleyball-specific athleticism, strength and fitness. With the mini band, activation exercises can be integrated into the warm-up to prepare the core, buttocks and leg muscles for the game or training. As in other sports, such as swimming or cycling, trunk rotations are recommended to increase stability and coordination as well as more control when executing movements. wwk functional training Functional training in volleyball – we show you exercises for your training and explain to you why resistance training is so important!

A short activation for your volleyball training!

Sprints in volleyball are not only straight, but also diagonal, sideways and backwards. The lateral muscles of the hips and legs play a very important role in such movements. Side steps with a mini band are really intense and demanding in all variations. Whether you move around the field, with or without the ball – the possibilities are diverse. Side steps with a mini band are an ideal way to activate, as they warm up a large number of relevant muscle groups in the muscle chain. Training trunk rotation – for more stability!

The smash ball shows in detail how crucial trunk rotation really is in volleyball:

  1. Static energy is built up on the back leg
  2. Transfer of kinetic energy through the front leg
  3. The torque is generated between the rotating pelvis and the torso
  4. The energy is dissipated through the upper body as the torso and arms continue rotation

Torso rotation is a crucial component of this volleyball-specific movement pattern. When training rotational strength, the middle of the body should also be trained in such a way that the rotational energy can be efficiently transferred from the lower body to the upper body. Medicine ball throws can be a great exercise, but there isn't always enough space for them.

With resistance bands, one anchor point or partner is all you need to do all sorts of core exercises. To train rotation in the upper body, you can do this exercise, for example, making sure that the pelvis remains fixed.

Improve jumping power with the Resisted Squat!

Here you can see a great squat variation with two FLEXVIT Resist bands, which means the pull is very intense, especially at the top when the hips are fully extended. The gluteal muscles are challenged and the constant resistance must create tension throughout the entire movement.

This helps to generate more explosiveness from the hips and, of course, jump significantly higher.

  • Begin this movement by bending at the hips and moving into a half-squat position, bringing your arms down.
  • Now quickly swing your arms forward and upward and push your hips forward explosively
  • Briefly come up on your toes so that in addition to stretching your hips, you can really push yourself away from the floor with your feet against the resistance of the bands.

Improve jump height through overspeed training!

In this exercise, the band helps to make the jump easier. Overspeed jumps or jumps with band support are similar to mountain runs or sprints with band support, in which the actual speed, or height, of the movement is increased by an external force.

The brain learns that “more is possible than you think”, i.e. that you can jump even higher or faster than you previously perceived. This effectively increases the jump height and improves jumping power.

Our strong partner in volleyball!

As a partner of WWK Volleys, FLEXVIT supports the self-proclaimed “Greatest Club in the World” in the Volleyball Bundesliga with athletic and fitness training.

Together with head coach Max Hauser and athletic trainer Joschi Schöberl, exercises with FLEXVIT bands were developed specifically to meet the athletic requirements of volleyball players. In addition to specific mobilization and strength exercises, this also includes game-related exercises such as diagonal steps and jumps.

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