FLEXVIT: Athletic exercises in football with resistance bands

In this article we want to show you athletic exercises for your soccer training that can enormously improve your speed and explosiveness. We will also show you training exercises that, in addition to speed, also improve your cognitive abilities and your ability to react.
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Athletics exercises in football – We show you innovative exercises for your football training in combination with improving your perception

Football is becoming faster and faster - whether it's passing sharpness, contact time on the ball, speed of the players or the number of changes of direction per game. That's why it's even more important to optimize your training accordingly.

Content overview:

  • Why are there new athletic exercises in football and why should cognition be improved?
  • Exercise A: Lateral jumps with a high pass
  • Exercise B. Reaction sprint after agility training with a flat pass
  • Exercise C: 4 color reaction training horizontally with high pass

New athletic exercises for your soccer training – but why?

Over the last few years, training methods in many sports have changed significantly. Through numerous analyzes and scientific studies, data was obtained that can be used to measure and, in some cases, predict the success of a team.

It is clear to see that the pace of play increases almost every year. This can be measured by key figures such as the number of passes per game, the average ball contact time per player or simply the number of scoring chances per game.

It can therefore be clearly deduced that training has also developed over the years and new forms of athletic training have been developed. With FLEXVIT we offer you the right tools for your innovative and modern athletic training in football! Athletics exercise soccer resistance band We'll show you athletic exercises for your soccer training - optimize explosiveness, speed and cognitive skills with the fitness bands from FLEXVIT

Modern athletic exercises in football: While many years ago hill runs were carried out with a medicine ball, these training effects can now be achieved much more easily with functional training and resistance bands.

Cognition in football: Since perception and reaction ability in football have also become much faster, we show the training exercises that you can use to improve your cognitive skills at the same time. This is of fundamental importance because it is becoming increasingly important to react quickly to new game situations and to reorient yourself as quickly as possible.

Athletics exercises for your soccer training – lateral jumps with a high pass!

In football, it makes sense to incorporate jumps into athletic training. In the following exercises we attach the FLEXVIT Resist with the multi-anchor and place it around the player's waist. In addition, 2 mini hurdles are set up 1 m apart from each other.

Now you go over the hurdles with side steps, followed by a wide, lateral stabilization jump over both mini hurdles. After the player has balanced himself and achieved a firm, one-legged stand, the pass takes place from the air. Instructions for training:

  • The focus of the athletic exercise is on the dynamic jump and the subsequent balance on one leg
  • The distance between the mini-hurdles can be adjusted to the player's level - as can the strength of the resistance band
  • The clean execution of the exercise is more important than the width of the lateral jump

Focus of the exercise:

  • Explosiveness in the jump
  • Stabilization of the long jump in the ankle
  • Dynamics throughout the entire lateral flow

You can find more athletic exercises for your soccer training in our YouTube channel !

Athletics exercises for your soccer training – reaction & cognition

With this training exercise we combine two key aspects of the modern and fast football game: speed/explosiveness and cognitive skills. For this we use the FLEXVIT Resist with the multi-anchor and place it around the player's waist. There is a starting cone and 4 different colored cones at least 2 m from the starting cone.

First tappings are carried out on the starting cone. The coach gives the player a command to move to as quickly as possible. Shortly before reaching the colored cone, the coach plays a high pass towards the cone, which the player is supposed to return from the air.

This process should be repeated about 6 – 8 times. Care should be taken to ensure that the player can fully regenerate over multiple sessions so that both head and body can train to the maximum. Instructions for training:

  • Challenge the training player - throw the ball to the cone in such a way that he can only reach it with great effort
  • Despite the resistance band, pay attention to a technically clean start (clean foot strike, maximum impact on the forefoot, upper body tilted slightly forward)
  • Before playing from the air, find a good footing and balance the resistance of the band well

Focus of the exercise:

  • Explosiveness and speed at the start
  • Quick orientation and strengthening of cognitive abilities
  • Improvement in soccer skills due to training with resistance (increased difficulty level)

Check out more exercises for your training on our YouTube channel !

Athletics exercises for your soccer training – reaction sprint with resistance band

In the following training exercise we will train agility, explosiveness, speed and cognitive skills. We attach the FLEXVIT Resist with the multi-anchor, position the athlete and set up the exercise.

For this purpose, an agility exercise (here 5 fields in the form of a plus sign), which you can choose freely, is carried out. This should be so demanding that the player is not able to keep his head facing the direction of view for a long time. This causes him to lose sight of the 2 colored cones that are about 3 m away.

At the coach's command, the player then steps out of the exercise to the colored cone that the coach has named. The player then receives a flat pass on the outside of the cone, which he must play back cleanly.

The cognitive demand can easily be increased. Options for variation can include changing the commands. The directions can be assigned numbers, even/odd, or types of fruit/vegetables. The possibilities are limitless and the cognitive demands increase with every variation. Instructions for training:

  • Vary your agility exercise and always create new stimuli
  • Start simply with the command language and systematically increase the cognitive demands
  • Make sure you use clean technique when starting with the resistance band

Focus of the exercise:

  • Explosiveness at the start
  • Speed ​​of the feet in the agility exercise
  • Improving cognition

Check out more athletic exercises on our YouTube channel !

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