FLEXVIT Mini Set of 6 in all difficulty levels

Can i create my own Sets of FLEXVIT Bands?

We offer you different fitness band bundles, which consist of a selection of different colours/strengths in one band category, e.g.:

In addition, there are also team sets with 10 pieces of each colour/strength within a band category, e.g.


The team sets are very popular as it allows professional users (personal trainers, physiotherapists, athletic and fitness coaches) as well as clubs and gyms to purchase a selection or quantity at a lower average price.

However, a little more flexibility in the selection was also desired because performance, application goals, age etc. differ individually.

Therefore, we have created greater flexibility in band selection with individual choices. This allows, for example, the FLEXVIT Mini sets of 3 or FLEXVIT Mini Team packages to be put together individually. With our team packages, it is now possible to choose two different 5-packs of an available colour/strength.

The sets of our FLEXVIT bands offer numerous training possibilities

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