Our FLEXVIT Mini products at a glance



Unlike conventional mini bands the rubber strains of our FLEXVIT Mini are woven into comforting material. The miniband feels exceptionally good on your skin due to this innovative material.


With the FLEXVIT Mini, unpleasant pulling on the skin belongs to the past. Its washability sets new standards in terms of hygiene and allergy risk.


Many possible applications range from clinical rehabilitation – where the first movements with specific stress are to be performed again after injuries – to sport-specific athletic training.



Our FLEXVIT Mini is small, light and easy to use. If you don’t want to miss your training on the road, the mini band is the perfect travel companion.


The compact size and the enormous variety of exercises allow an effective training everywhere and even in small spaces – whether in your room, in the park or on the beach. And if the miniband gets dirty? No problem. The FLEXVIT Mini is washable up to 60 degrees.


Thanks to the innovative manufacturing technology, our FLEXVIT Mini has an incomparable robustness and tear resistance. Even small incisions or holes do not immediately lead to loss of functionality.

Force curve for the FLEXVIT Mini



Our FLEXVIT Mini is not only a compact but also a versatile training tool. Coaches, physiotherapists, hobby athletes and professional athletes all over the world use our FLEXVIT Mini for their training.


The mini bands can be used for activation, stabilization and strengthening. In addition, the mini band is often used to support and correct the execution of complex exercises.


With a FLEXVIT Mini around the knees, for example, a targeted impulse can be given for the correct posture when bending the knees. The FLEXVIT Mini can also be used as a support when learning movements, such as the Pistol Squat.

7 reasons to buy the miniband from FLEXVIT


  • Comfortable haptic of textile
  • Small, light and easy to handle
  • Perfect tool for more flexibility and mobility
  • Tensions can be quickly released in everyday life
  • Easy adaptation to individual needs and progress
  • Washable up to 60 degrees
  • Made in Germany

Which exercises can I do with the FLEXVIT Mini?


The FLEXVIT Mini comes with a brochure containing general training instructions and some exercises. Also we regularly share inspiration and instructions for exercises on our social media channels.

Since this year we also offer training courses for coaches, therapists and (hobby) athletes, in which the optimal use of our FLEXVIT tapes can be learned. More information about our training courses can be found on the FLEXVIT Academy website.