Train with the mat, not on the mat. The PATmat is more of a functional movement map than a conventional training mat. Colourful movement fields and integrated scales provide orientation for movement execution. It helps trainers and therapists to test mobility, guide exercises easily and check training progress. The PATmat is therefore also ideal for training with FLEXVIT bands.


  • helpful and variable tool for trainers and therapists
  • light and thin, can therefore be rolled up and easily transported
  • incl. PATmat QuickStartGuide and PATmat Bag
  • incl. PATmat Online Starter Course from worth 59€.

delivery time: 1-3 days

The PATmat is a multifunctional training tool. It supports the trainer and therapist in almost all their activities, from analysis to training preparation and the execution of functional exercises. It enables varied training and also shows its advantages in group and online training.


  • Integrated scales serve to control the execution of the exercise
  • Immediate analysis of movement amplitude
  • Control of foot position and stance
  • Stretching with direct feedback
  • Motivation through integrated scales
  • prophylactically reduces the risk of injury
  • non-slip underside for a safe training experience


Areas of application:

  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and personal training
  • Athletic training
  • Especially also with groups and in online coaching


Training focus:

  • Testing and re-testing of movement patterns/dysbalances.
  • Detailed training of movement patterns
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Elimination of malpositions
  • Coordination (can be used as a coordination ladder)

45 cm x 300 cm




The PATmat can be optimally used for functional band training with FLEXVIT bands. More information on the PAT system by Patrick Herzog at


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