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Fitness and athletic training is more than just strength training in the gym. With resistance bands, you train functionally and always have your fitness equipment with you. On the field, at home, on vacation - and of course in the gym.

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The whole world of resistance bands - reimagined classics and innovative new developments

The FLEXVIT product world

FLEXVIT bands are used by a wide variety of people. The areas of application vary greatly - for example, different bands are needed by a therapist in rehab after an injury than by a personal trainer in fitness training. And the neuroathletics trainer may want to work more specifically with his professional athlete on movement sequences and technique, for which he in turn needs other ligaments. That's why our product world includes such a wide and deep range in which every band has its application.

At home on every sports field

FLEXVIT bands in athletic training

Get better at your sport

It doesn't matter whether you are a runner, basketball player, golfer or another athlete - FLEXVIT bands allow you to do exercises that specifically address the exact requirements of your sport. Improve your speed, agility and power with dynamic movements that mimic the actions on the field. Increase your mobility and prevent injuries.

FLEXVIT is always with me on my travels. Whether on the tennis court, in hotel rooms, at the beach or on green areas, these bands can be used in so many different ways.

Romy Kölzer, professional tennis player

Bands you can rely on

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Our products are manufactured in Germany, using the latest technology and in compliance with the highest quality standards. Regular tests and controls guarantee the longevity of our products.

The first supplier of textile fitness bands

FLEXVIT® - The original

The FLEXVIT products

Fitness tools for trainers, therapists and athletes

Always ready for new challenges? Discover the entire FLEXVIT portfolio and the properties that make our bands so unique. Specially developed for trainers, therapists and athletes, we guarantee the quality that you expect as a professional.

Discover over 400 exercises now

The FLEXVIT app for Functional Band Training

With the FLEXVIT app, you have access to more than 400 functional exercises with resistance bands. Put together your personal workout or let yourself be inspired by training plans from our community. Regular new posts and workouts keep you motivated and moving. Download the FLEXVIT app now and discover Functional Band Training!

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