Warm-up for your handball training

The best warm-up for your handball training – FLEXVIT

The right warm-up is essential, not only for a successful competition, but also for your daily training! If you prepare poorly, muscular injuries can occur that send you into an unwanted training break for a longer period of time.

For this reason, we would like to present you with FLEXVIT, a warm-up with resistance bands for your handball training. This way, you can effectively warm up all muscle chains and be optimally prepared!

FLEXVIT Handball Training Warm-Up

With the FLEXVIT fitness bands, you get flexible training equipment that you can use for warm-up, strengthening and flexibility!

The right warm-up for your handball training – with FLEXVIT and Functional Band Training!

A structured warm-up is the basis for effective training and indispensable to prevent injuries and to achieve the maximum performance of the muscles. There are essentially two decisive preparation points for the training: the activation of the cardiovascular system in order to sufficiently perfuse the muscles and vessels and the mental preparation, the focus of the athlete on the following movement tasks.

We want to introduce you to training exercises with which you can prepare your muscles perfectly for the upcoming competitions and training sessions. For this purpose, we use resistance bands in different designs and variations.

The right warm-up with fitness bands has several advantages:


  • You warm up not only individual muscles, but the entire muscle chain.
  • You can warm up in the movement patterns and sequences of your sport.
  • In addition to warming up, you can also improve your technical processes.

Fitness bands from FLEXVIT for your warm-up in handball:

#1 – Pallof – Press

1 A resistance band is taken in the centre of the body in both hands. This resistance band can be held by a partner or attached to a post.

2 Now the arms are brought forward into extension in a controlled manner – it is important to ensure that no rotation is carried out.

3 The trunk muscles remain fixed and prevent lateral movements until the arms return to the starting position in front of the body.

Tips & Hints


The Pallof Press can be performed and varied in numerous ways – the basic sequence remains the same. It is always important to ensure that there is no rotation.


Alternating lunges can be performed as a variation. Furthermore, a horizontal movement can be added in addition to the stretching.


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#2 – Side-Steps with Miniband

1 A mini band is fixed slightly above the ankles between the legs and brought to tension.

2 Now slowly perform side steps. First only in one direction and then in the same number in the other direction.

3 During the side steps, keep the knees slightly bent and make sure that the miniband maintains a slight tension.

Tips & hints:


It is particularly important that a slightly bent knee posture is adopted. The upper body remains upright and the arms move to the side of the body. The gaze remains focused forward.


The simple side steps can now be varied as desired: a ninja walk can be performed alternately to the front and back, and 2 mini bands can also be used to provide additional stimuli.


You can also do the side-steps in an upright position with legs straight – but you will notice that you are focusing on a different muscle group. So the best way to do these variations is to alternate them.


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#3 – Circling Shoulder Lift

1 Stand with both feet on the FLEXVIT Multi and grasp the loops of the fitness band to the side of the body.

2 From this starting position, the arms are raised close to the body at the level of the head. The movement varies from beside the body to in front of the body, alternating on the fly.

3 It is important to ensure that the arms are almost extended, but never fully extended, in order to protect the elbow joint.

Tips & hints:


To maintain a straight posture, this exercise can also be performed against a wall. This guarantees that a stretch is achieved throughout the body.


If you perform a squat while extending your arms at the same time, you can warm up your legs as well as your shoulder muscles and arms. Make sure that the upper body remains in line.


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With the fitness bands from FLEXVIT you are perfectly prepared and warmed up for your training focus: