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The PAT Functional Training System by Patrick Herzog


Specifically designed for “office athletes”, the PAT system is divided into three areas: “Prepare”, “Activate” and “Train”. The aim of the training system is to improve body perception and posture, build muscles and lose fat.


Central elements are functional movements, activating and mobility-promoting exercises as well as the use of training tools that enable training at any location. In his search for a versatile band, Patrick has found a strong partner in us.

Das PATband by FLEXVIT


Our tape in extra length and with sewn-in loops enables versatile exercises for strengthening and coordination, for increasing mobility as well as for targeted work on physical imbalances. In addition, the PATband can be used to create wraps close to the body, which serve as an optimal aid for a (specific) improvement in movement economy.

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The PATband from for your activation
Dynamic training with, the PATband and the PATmat

The PATmat


With integrated scales and colourful movement fields, the PATmat offers plenty of scope for functional movements. Exercises can be easily guided and performed, and the execution of movements can be controlled. At the same time, the markings can be used to vary e.g. lunges and push-ups. The PATmat can be used just like a coordination ladder to perform dynamic exercises.

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The PATrigger


The PATrigger is more than just a fascia roller – the three-piece set, consisting of roller, ball and “avocado”, can be taken anywhere and combines several tools for fascia training and self-massage in one. This makes it possible to reach even deep-lying pain points and thus relieve various types of tension. Whether used individually or combined in a sensible way – the application possibilities are manifold.

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The PATrigger - a product of FLEXVIT X