Functional Band Training

The human body as a functional unit

The human body is an amazingly complex network of interconnected muscles, joints, fasciae, ligaments, tendons, bones and other tissues and organs. And it is made for movement.


Functional training looks at the body as a whole package and focuses on the perfect interaction of several muscle chains and joints – instead of training isolated muscle groups, movements are trained with the aim of improving the quality of movement.


Depending on the movement and load, functional training can serve to optimise performance in the areas of strength, speed, endurance, coordination and mobility. It can prepare for different movement challenges and at the same time prevents injuries in everyday life and sports.

The training of movements

Functional fitness thus focuses on muscle function, economical movement sequences and basic skills relevant to everyday life as well as cross-sport skills.


The trunk muscles and the stabilising auxiliary muscles always play a central role. Compared to equipment-based training, functional training always requires the body itself to work in order to control the execution of the movement.


The foundation of functional training is formed by the so-called basic movement patterns:

Functional Band Training - the Side Lunge with Resistance Band
Training with the FLEXVIT training bands
  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Hinge (hip flexion)
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Twist
  • Plank


Learning and understanding each basic movement pattern is a crucial first step in functional training. All complex movements, including those specific to a sport, are usually a combination or modification of these basic movement patterns.

The use of FLEXVIT bands in functional training

With FLEXVIT bands, training is possible in all planes of movement. All movements can thus be performed with resistance – from basic movement patterns to complex sport-specific movements.


Due to the progressive resistance (the more the band is stretched, the higher the resistance), this results in a maximum, individualised training load for strength exercises of all kinds.


At the same time, FLEXVIT bands can be used for support and thus help in learning movements and their correct execution. This makes it possible to train movements even in the case of imbalances or after injuries.

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Advantages of Functional Band Training

✓ Location-independent

FLEXVIT bands enable training at any time and any place. They are light and compact and therefore easy to transport. Many exercises can be done even in the smallest of spaces.

✓ gentle on the joints

As the bands help to exert the load in an anatomically and biomechanically adapted way, exercises with FLEXVIT bands are much gentler on the joints than with conventional equipment and weights.

✓ multivectorial

Training in all directions of movement and across all body levels enables three-dimensional movement with resistance.

✓ holistic

In order to control movement, resources of movement flexibility and coordination skills must be mobilised in addition to strength and stability.

✓ variable

The load intensity can be reduced as well as increased by using resistance bands, which also supports the use in the therapeutic area.

✓ cost-effective

Compared to the monthly fee at a gym, fitness bands cost only a fraction, which is a strong economic advantage.

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